Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rick Ross, not the brightest bulb

©2007Lisa DeWitt

It is disturbing to see that there are so many in the anti-cult camp who do not believe in the due process of law. Rick Ross is one of them. Like many ignorant people on the internet, Ross believes that Sathya Sai Baba can and should be tried and convicted based on inaccurate, misleading newspaper articles and public opinion. In fact, Ross believes his opinion is so important he does not need to do any research or listen to anyone, even the law. Like other critical websites, Ross does not allow rebuttals or links to other sites which refute his disinformation. This attitude would not surprise those who know Ross has a previous criminal history for theft and kidnapping. What is even more troubling about Ross's attitude is that he states on his website that there should be legislation in order to force deprogramming on those he and other anti-cultists deem necessary. Yes, Ross wants to make kidnapping 'legal'. This from a man who barely finished high school, has no education or interest in counseling and who believes people should be tried and convicted over the internet based on accusations from people who have engaged in internet smear campaigns but never filed, nor even attempted to file charges and whose claims have exceeded the time limits according to the statute of limitations laws in India. Yet Ross calls himself an "exit counselor".

Tell me something isn't wrong with this picture.

When anti-cultists can smear people over the internet for years on end with misinformation, innuendo, gossip and criminal accusations for crimes they have never been charged with much less prosecuted for, anti-cultists become dangerous and cult-like in their religious intolerance and inability to distinguish between fact and fiction.